Volodymyr Slepchenko

Born on the 13th of November in Oleksiivka of Bielgorodska region in 1947.

He has been working in the style of realistic and romantic symbolism creating the own unique technique «art-line» of painting.

He is the participant of numerous regional, republican, foreign and international exhibitions. Since 1970 more than 50 personal exhibitions of V. Slepchenko has taken place in Ukraine, Russia Federation, Poland, Germany, Canada, Northern Korea, Israel, Slovakia, Italy, Greece, and other countries. He is the member of group exhibition of Ukrainian artists “Autumn salon - 90” in Paris. V. Slepchenko is the author of portraits of many famous and well-known people of the world. Among them can be mentioned portraits of Silvano Pedrollo, Hillary Clinton, Dean Reed, cardinals and patriarchs of the Christian church, the Former President of Ukraine V. Yushchenko, the Former Prime Minister of Ukraine Yuliia Tymoshenko, the former Speaker of Ukrainian Parliament Arsenii Yatseniuk and others. The portrait of Andrew Bertie, the Great Master of the Maltese order, is now at the gallery of masterpieces of world art on Malta.

Paintings and graphical works of Volodymyr Slepchenko are in the museums, galleries and private collections of Ukraine and many other countries all over the world. In particular, the painting “Angel which loses wings” is a part of the private collection of Count Viskonti’s Gallery in Italy, some works were included in the content of national galleries of Slovakia (Bratislava) and Israel (Tel Aviv) and other.